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Phnom Penh
Latte on the promenade and genocide
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Vietnamese revolutionaries wave us goodbye
It's fair to say that as Wendy and I left the really rather Westernised and comfy confines of ..
The sleek, modern and industrial looking Vietnamese border post
Wendy walking into Cambodia
Just past the lorries is the Buddhist temple inspired border post. We are back in the land of ..
Phnom Penh's grand promenade next to the mighty Mekong
A great place for boat trips, posh coffee shops, Cambodian curries, bars, clubs, cash ..
The confluence of two rivers in PP is so big it's like your almost on the shore of a small sea.
Like Luang Prabang in Laos, you can stand here in the heart of the city and on the other side of the ..
Wendy looking very unimpressed after I forced her to sit in a cafe whilst I had a latte.
Cambodia may not have many tarmac roads but lattes it does have. After all, the army of UN and NGO ..
The enormous Central Market in the buzzing centre of PP.
Inside the market
Despite being a warren of electrical and clothes stalls the sheer enormity of the building ..
We found Doug again!
After spending the whole of Vietnam with out our favourite Australian (he had been back to ..
Naploean's house
The old colonial masters, the French, decided to build this completely out of character ..
Kids looking at fish in the Royal Palace
I am so over royal palaces now.
Says a lot about Cambodia
The grand colonial railway station in central Phnom Penh
The timetable is quite easy to remember - one train every two days at 6am. ..
Welcome to the Killing Fields. A birdhouse with bones in it.
The skulls of those victims found in this pleasant patch of green outside the city
Clothing of the slaughtered
Where the ground undulates is where many bodies still lie
Clothes still in the ground
Looks almost pleasant
A former high school in the heart of the city. Until the mid-seventies. ..
Then it was taken over by the Khmer Rouge
Political prisoners were detained here and tortured before being taken to the Killing Fields ..
The rules at Tuol Sleng
The Khmer Rouge could get away with the brutality they inflicted here despite it being in Phnom ..
Only seven prisoners survived Tuol Sleng. This child wasn't one of them.
The Khmer Rouge photogrpahed and recorded everyone that passed through the centre. On their ..
This torture victim died on the 11th October 1977. The day I was born.
They were just as methodical at recording deaths. Which means, today, there is a wealth of ..
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