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Jeefer's analysis
Posted Tuesday, 23 August 2005
Meg chatted with jeefer while Moon and I were in town and shared this little nugget with me:

[16:59] jeefer: are those 2 a hoot, or what!?
[16:59] jeefer: lol, I guess I should ask if this is really you ;)
[16:59] Meg: haha
[16:59] Meg: it's meg
[17:00] Meg: and they are the most aggrevating guys
[17:00] Meg: and the sweetest
[17:00] Meg: and the nicest
[17:00] Meg: and the funniest
[17:00] Meg: but mainly annoying
[17:00] jeefer: yeah, kind of like they're some kind of comedy team,
[17:00] Meg: totally
[17:00] jeefer: but it's not tv so you can't change the channel
[17:00] Meg: HA
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