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WorthMeet 2005!
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Top tipple
A guy called Todd, in front of an ad for a beer called Todd's, in a bar called Todd's. Woohoo! ..
Shady behaviour
I know, I know. Two pictures for the whole Chicago trip? I got a whole load more but they were on ..
Jeefer's analysis
Meg chatted with jeefer while Moon and I were in town and shared this little nugget with me: ..
The boys! The boys!
All credit to unzercharlie for this ace snap of some balding, insecure loser and his greasy gay ..
Left turn in two. Hundred. Yards.
Ah shut up, you moaning old bint. Honestly; can't a man have some peace for once? ..
I should've angled the cam better while we said goodbyes by the road but this is a pretty cool ..
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