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New York
Carl has a few beers in NYC
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The Lincoln Tunnel
I was hellish late; not only had my flight been rescheduled but I was pulled out of the ..
DL driving
I know I probably should've used the flash.
I spent Sunday wandering around NYC. The view from the Empire State was pretty poor as it was ..
Everyone loves Taco
Especially attractive young women. This was a fact Thaw and I exploited as much as possible. ..
Worse for wear
You may like to compare this with the earlier picture..
Battling somewhat
Oh, dear.
Art and blart
Not only was this girl the sexiest bartender EVER, she drew us a creature. ..
My butt speaks
I have no idea about this one. I still have the sign but I'm damned if I can remember what the story ..
Call Security!
I had originally booked a low-budget two door car but for some reason they don't have sat nav. I ..
Webcam setup
After taking the keys for the car it took me over an hour to get the *&*&^% webcam working. Even ..
Outside the hotel
Worth Square
Get in!
Thaw and Taco
"Financial District"
Sherman, Skeletor et al are much bigger up close.
Meat man
He looks a lot friendlier than he did up close, especially without the twelve inch machete. ..
I took quite a few photos on the Empire State but this was the best. Looking at it, I can remember ..
From the cheeky smirk on his face, I would say Matt is doing something funny in this photograph. ..
Bored at the border
Bored at the border 2 : decaf version
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