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Wellll.. Montreal was a blast; spent last night in the Old Port meeting Brunewz from W1K and ..
Cam capture - Arrival in Toronto
Weird that it's so pixellated.. maybe it isn't running true 640 at all. Sigh. NB also the ..
Toronto types
Toronto Partygoers
Yet more people wot I met
Hot Russian women
with slightly intimidating driving skills
On my way home, I spotted this frankly upsettingly bland shop advert. Sigh. ..
CN Tower view
The CN tower was pretty impressive. It's a fitting crown to Toronto, which isn't nearly as ..
Sex and Violence
I spotted this on my way out of town.. almost sorry I missed it! ..
The zippy Corolla
Catching up..
Suspect lane discipline
Yes, that's them taking the tanker on the right.
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